Sunday, October 14, 2012

SM Baguio Mall 3-day SALE Oct 19-21, 2012

Check out SM Baguio 3-day SALE on October 19, 20, 21, 2012. Get up to 60% off on great selections. To all SM Advantage members, SM Prestige cad holders and BDO rewards clients. Get ready to get all your favorite items with an EXTRA 10% off at the 2 HOUR SPECIAL on October 19. Friday from 10am to 12nn at SM Department Store, Watson Department Store, Ace Hardware store, SM Appliance Store, National Bookstore and Toy Kingdom. This is the BIGGEST 3 Day Sale in the North!

Plus more offers during the 3-DAY sale:

  1. Get a chance to win an iPad or an Audi A4 for every P1000 purchase.
  2. Get a chance to win a Chevy Spark when you purchase anything from Men's Wear!
  3. Get a chance to win a Honda Motorcycle when you purchase men's underwear!

Now, I am super excited to shop this coming October 19 and have a rush day sale to have extra 10% off! I am sure many of us like me found a reason to use new credit card to get big discounts as much as we wanted. I am hoping there will be a gadget sale especially netbook this coming 3-DAY Sale. SM Baguio will open 10am and there will be only 2 hours to get extra 10% off and that will end 12nn. To plan this, think what you need to buy before this big day SALE event.

My checklist:
  • Yoga and Gym Shoes
  • Casual Bags
  • New Phone (maybe)
  • Cute and Elegant Dress
  • Netbook

Happy Shopping!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Obsess to online shopping

Online shopping nowadays is a trend. Use of credit and debit cards is as easy as 1-2-3 unless you have enough fund. They can deliver the order right to your door on the next 3 to 10 days. You will just have to wait! How do I shop online without using any electronic cards? 

There is a website of smac deals where you can get 30 to 70 percent dicounts! Yes, I am one of the smac deals online shopper :) I pay over the counter after I finished the form and the online process. There is a guarantee that you will get what you paid for and it's worth it! 

Right now I like to purchase Parisian shoes, Secosana bags and Rajo Parisian Shoe. I have a big problem on how will I process my payment. I use to pay over the counter at sm department store. Actually, I am in Pangasinan and they have no SM here :)

I am still looking forward to this deal! I am also hoping they can accept payments thru paypal. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Must Taste Donut In The City Of Pines

Baguio City is a must-visit place in the Philippines because of its inviting weather and breathtaking sceneries. One of the most visited places in Baguio where you can have some coffee and pastries is Swiss Baker which is located at ground floor of SM city Baguio and at Session Road. 

Donut is one of their best sellers. Swiss Donuts are shaped in rings with mouth watering fillings. Through innovation, Swiss Baker reinvented the ring donut and created palatable flavors. They offer filled donuts with assorted flavors like blueberry, strawberry, and cream blund. My cousin kept on telling me to visit Swiss baker because they own the best tasting pastries. Out of my curiosity, I went there the following day and tried what my cousin kept on bragging so I bought their best seller Donut, and as I took a bite of it, my cousin was right! I almost forgot my name! hahaha No doubt, they have the best Donut ever! 

Swiss Donuts are one of such to eat, that all the age group individuals can enjoy eating it. Perhaps, a couple of are so tasty that you are able to forget everything and just take pleasure in consuming these Donuts. They are really addictive! These yummy donuts have the power to produce your mood really wonderful. I found Swiss Baker coffee is a hidden treasure that many Filipinos have yet to uncover. So if you want a lovely place to eat and try what I have experienced, I am encouraging you to have a visit at Swiss Baker.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Homebrew Drinks

New discovery on your own will made you feel accomplished something worth it! First who invented the coffee maker? Okay silly me, we'll do some research for that. Who invented coffee filter for coffee maker? You know what, for me they are useless!

Brewed Coffee

I was desperate of making a brewed coffee at home, so I thought boiling coffee ground in a casserole with distilled water would be a great idea. I use my electronic kettle filter for sorting the brewed coffee and coffee grounds. Yes! I have my own do-it-yourself brewed coffee at home!

How to make your brewed coffee special?

Since I know already how to make my own home brewed coffee. I should get and try different coffee ground mix with flavors. I chose coffee grounds with hazelnut, sounds great and rich. Yes, it is true, rich of flavor and aroma. I mixed it with vanilla creamer, mmmm it's so yummy. I am so proud of myself! I am no longer need to spend a penny to buy brewed coffee outside, not that they are bad but, they are expensive. I can make my own starbucks at home, I just need more time to learn on mixing flavor.

Chai Tea

Chai Tea is very popular but not all like it. Tea is a tea, like a water with herbs. It is good for our body which really cleanse and make us light. I love tea sometimes. You mix it with milkh and chai tea is prepared.

How to make your chai tea special?

I have a lot of tea and they were ignored. I don't like tea that much but, not anymore. Twinings earl grey is available on my cabinet. Okay, tea in hot water, mix it with 4 spoons of vanilla creamer and 1 spoon of brown sugar, turn out the best homemade chai tea. I am so inlove with my two homebrew drinks. I call them homebrew drinks now. I am so happy with the oucome.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Future Diner

We visited Future Diner July 2012 and kept all this photos in my facebook album. I searched "Future Diner Baguio" on the web and only few blog about it. I have blogged this at my posterous blog account and haven't updated it so much because posterous is not that interesting platform.

Future Diner is located at Magsaysay, inside Hotel Supreme Convention, beside Gloria Jeans Cafe. It is a simple diner with lots to discuss. Looking at the place you will noticed their floor black and white and I like it. It reminds me an old music of ska.

A fried chicken and porkchop for lunch is what we ordered. It is quite good you know especially in place like Future Diner.

You can also find a cafe named Gloria Jean Coffees inside the hotel.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My thoughts on the issue about plagiarized senator's speech

Sino ba naman tayo para humusga ng sobra sobra sa pagkakamali ng ating kapwa. Tayo ba ay nag e-expect ng perfect speech o perfect na leader sa ating bansa.

Pwede ba tayong magreview muna bago humusga sa ating kapwa? Ikaw ba ay lumaki na nagkakamali at nahusgahan ng kapwa mo? Marunong ka bang makiramdam at makaramdam kung paano nahusgahan ng kapwa mo?

Kapag may nakita ka bang nadapa na tao, tatawanan mo ba ito? Pag-mababa ba ang score ng kapatid mo sa Math ano gagawin mo? Sigurado ako, tuturuan mo sya at magtutulungan kayo, makikinig siya sayo. Gusto mo gumaling at gumaling pa sya. Ayaw mo sya na matawag na bobo sa Math kasi feeling mo ikaw ang pinagsasabihan na bobo.

Masaya ka ba na sinasabihan ang ating isang leader na bobo? Sana makaisip tayo ng solusyon para maiwasan at di maulit ang kamalian. Stop patronizing people's faults. We better make a good steps to create solutions.

Any good proposals and recommendations to our government write to our President.

Here are my comments about the issue on fb.

On my wall

"A very controversial speech of a senator was copied from a blogger's blog. Everyone should be aware that copying someone else's work is illegal, see "Plagiarism". So, don't Steal! If you want/like to use someone else's photos or part of content in an article, make sure na magpaalam and acknowledge the owner. "

On Anc Photo

This is a lesson to all of us that copying someone else's work is illegal. Any copied photos or article online ay dapat ipaalam sa may-ari. Let us start thinking great solutions para mabawasan pa ang kahihiyan na nararanasan ng ating bansa. It's so sad lang na masyado nating pinabababa ang kapwa natin na Pilipino.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baguio Weather on August

I haven't updated this blog for almost three weeks and the last post I had is about the typhoon and seems Baguio is still on the verge of windy and chilly weather causing the typhoon inside Philippine Area of Responsibity.

Yes, August is still the month of raining and foggy morning, in the afternoon and evening. All warmers, jacket are out and not sale! Umbrellas are in, four of my umbrellas were destroyed and thrown.

Inside our pad a little warm and walls are moist. Our ceiling has discoloration due to cold weather. We cannot dry our clothes outside so we have to get to a laundry and paid to wash all our blankets.

My shoes are stinky, molds everywhere. Old clothes are getting molds too. So July and August are bad days in Baguio City.

The coolest thing on this month though, you will experience the zero visibility due to thickness of foggy outside. You can use your boots, waterproof bags, umbrella daily! You can be fashionable using your raincoats, long jackets, and colorful or leather boots during these rainy days of August.

I guess any month in Baguio City is lovely!Always get warm so you won't get chill.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rainy Day and Night

July 30, we arrived 8pm and was raining like cats and dogs plus chilly and windy weather. I asked manong driver if there is a typhoon, excuse me because I don't update myself especially on weather news. I don't watch tv a lot. Manong driver said, there is no definite storm signal yet.

Upon we arrived our place, we experienced a fast wind pushing us. It was scary. I checked my twitter and Mayor Domogan just announced no classes for students tomorrow, July 31, 2012. Sounds safe so they can have more time to read or chit chat with their dorm mates.

It seems the rain did not stopped. It can be an excuse to pay my delayed bills :) Anyway, I have to go to Sm and pay the dues. I am just worried when it rains, taxis are always unavailable. Hope to get lucky today.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Foggy Baguio

I think June and July is the rainy month season here in Baguio. We experienced claps of thunder, heavy rains, windy chill morning, afternoon and evening. I don't know the Baguio weather forecast but, I find a time asking a taxi driver if there is a typhoon. I assumed he knows because he was listening to news everyday on his radio. I am glad he informed us that there's no typhoon. No worries.

There were a lot of emotions and going on to share today, it is a long story and needs to speak it out, not here. I can't express here. With all worries and tension going on, I printed a voucher I got from smac deals. A 1000php worth of Parisian Bags, bought only for 500php, it made my day. What was really cool, they gave me a free bbq sauce meal from Classic Savory valid until September 2012. Then we ate at Jollibee, our favorite fast food chain.

It's 8pm, and raining still. Taxi's are unavailable especially when it's raining. The queue waiting for taxi is really long at SM. We were worried because we need to buy some groceries. We went outside, walking, carrying our grocery bags. It's windy and cold. Raining a bit, and our umbrellas were windstruck. It was really cold. I love how the fog covered the city, thinking they are clouds wrap around like smoky fire.

Baguio is indeed a lovely place. I just love the bites of coldness. Walking around cities in a cold weather makes you want to drink hot brewed coffee.

I compiled some of foggy Baguio photos from people in instagram and twitter. I hope they don't mind to feature it here. Some pictures were took last week and some a day ago.

photo credits to @JopetSy

photo credits to @christianeric12
photo credits to @christianeric12

photo credits to @joasan22
photo credits to @jlgavino
photo credits to@carrlein

photo credits to @melmapayo
photo credits to @supermario_13

Friday, July 6, 2012

Italian Food, Cucinino Pasta

I've found a great food stall inside Porta Vaga Mall. They serve Italian food, like pomodoro, alfredo, pesto, etc. We tried their food and gave ourselves a comfortable welcome since kami lang ang kumain doon that time.

This fascinates me, looks really italian.. The blackboard and a very colorful writings of menu.

Also, the accents are really colorful like you just came to Paris :)

We got curious and tried their Pomodoro and Panini Tuna Salad.

Cucinino Pasta food is simply italian! I asked for extra parmesan, binigyan ako! The spaghetti sauce is italian talaga, kasi baka ung iba hindi ma appreciate kasi ang alam lang jollibee spaghetti. The panini, masarap.. naghati pa kami ni hubby :)

I would definitely come here again! Cucinino Pasta Etc., is located in the 3rd floor of Porta Vaga Mall, Session Baguio City. They are open weekdays and weekends is until 1pm.

Visit their facebook and lik:

Friday, June 29, 2012

The New Ayuyang

Governor Pack road is closed, was curious if the business are also close. I visited Ayuyang Bar and checked if it's still existing. The bar is still hot and very alive! I haven't pickle relish band for 3 years so, we came by to see them.

Ayuyang is still the same and no longer in the management of Baden Powell Inn. They changed the name to The New Ayuyang for some reasons.

I am not sure who is this? Looks like Noy with the beard?

I remember the old ayuyang bar, there were paintings and art hanged on the walls. Now, you can only see this piece of art. I have never asked if it's for sale.

The first band.

The Pickle Relish is on board singing "Drop your gun and live". Their genre is one of my fave and was expecting to hear few ordinal music unfortunately, they played mostly songs from Peacepipe and Bob Marley.

This quite tall piece of art make me think nothing.

The Pickle Relish band members are:
Macky marley - keyboards
Murphy palaroan - saxophone
Kevein simeon - trombone
ken ponchinlan - bass
Miko rivero – guitars
Tan tablizo - lead vocals
Osi ris– drums

To see their performance visit The New Ayuyang Bar at Governor Pack Road or visit their facebook page. You may also visit Pickle Relish Band FanPage.